Bitcoin Rockets to $18,052!

Okay…………this is getting a bit crazy! For anyone not living in the garage without Internet, most of you are familiar with the Crypto-Currency Bitcoin. In my last Bitcoin post on November 27, 2017, my mouth was agape when it broke $11,000. With a closing price of $18,052 on Friday, December 16, 2017 I might be ready to hang up my spurs as I’m not sure if there is a ceiling for this thing. Although if I was that sure of its continual rise I would buy some and let it ride. If you think its just a scam or one big bubble and want to bet on its collapse, now you can! The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) now allows clients to short Bitcoin futures…

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Advertising Restrictions in Norway for Online Gambling

The Norwegian government, through the Culture Minister, announced plans to end marketing and advertising from international operators who use the satellite channels based outside of the country. This has already been discussed with European Union officials and is intended to begin in the Spring of 2018. There is no doubt this is a new restriction to decrease the number of gamblers in the country. But as with any countermeasure there will no doubt be another offensive by the online gambling operators to usurp this new restriction.

Bama Picked To Win Championship

Its never too early to start betting on the Bowl games and the Sugar Bowl is no exception. The match-up between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers is another war between these two rivals. The volume of betting is not surprising although how people are betting is surprising. Although being the last of the 4 teams to be selected for the CFP, the money is on the Crimson Tide to win the Championship on January 8, 2018. Either way, there is be a lot of money being bet on the Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl as well as the Champion Game. And make sure you’re not too hungover for those two New Year’s Day Bowl games.

Problems at Mandalay Bay in Vegas

Human Nature is somewhat predictable and in the wake of one of America’s worst mass murders (58 Killed) in history, Mandalay Bay is seeing this first hand. As many large conferences are booked years in advance, the hotel/casino has not seen a drop in this type of customer, although the excitement is not what it usually is at such a large and exciting venue. Many patrons for the retail, restaurants and casino are keeping their distance, as its sometimes difficult to enjoy yourself in a place filled with overwhelming tragedy. Who knows when the name Mandalay Bay will no longer conjure up such horrific memories, but in the mean time it will be tough going for this Vegas Hotel and Casino.

NFL Extorted by Players

Not exactly Casino news, although NFL betting has been down at Vegas casinos, I felt the need to address this subject. The NFL has decided to donate $89 millionĀ  over 7 years to alleviate “social injustices” that have occurred in the past years, more specifically police brutality, and will go to organizations such as the United Negro College Fund and Dream Corps. All of this comes on the heels of NFL players who continue to kneel during the National Anthem. Most of the money will come from Breast Cancer Awareness and Salute to Service, a Veterans organization. The NFL lost any credibility it had when it let Colin Kaepernick and other players kneel (protest) during the National Anthem. Since then, the players saw a weakness…

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Bitcoin Booming

On Wednesday November 29, 2017, Bitcoin clipped the $11,000 mark as this crypto-currency reaches new heights every week. One year ago on Dec 1, 2016 Bitcoin stood at $753.25 and has increased 14x in that period. What are to make of this and what is next? Should you buy, sell or hold? If I knew the answer I would be a rich man, but with my limited brain power, I will stay away from this as in my opinion its an un-exploded bomb waiting to go off.

Argentina Online Tax

The central province of Cordoba in Argentina has decided to impose a 10.5% tax on deposits for online casino play. This move is taken by the province alone and is not associated with any federal government laws or regulations. The question remains whether the other 22 provinces will follow suit or settle for the status quo.

Woolworths puts foot down!

Australia’s largest pokie machine operator has responded with an emphatic “NO” in regards to a proposed betting limit of AU$1 for pokies. Gordon Cairns, chairman of Woolworths, defense of his position is based on the fact that there is no historical evidence of betting limits having a positive effect on problem gamblers.

Japan Embraces Gambling

For those not in tune to the Casino/Gambling industry, Japan has never had a gambling industry compared to those of other developed countries. With the help of the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), who has prepared an in-depth study on creating a new casino/gambling industry, Japan is finally taking the first steps to challenge other gambling powerhouses such as Macau. It will no doubt be interesting and instructive to see how a country such as Japan transitions into this highly competitive marketplace.

Strategic Purchase for Scientific Games

Scientific Games Corporation, which is a developer of casino games, has just purchased a 10.72% (where did they come up with that number?) stake in NYX Gaming Group Limited. The 11.6 ,million ordinary shares were purchased for just over $21 million.


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