Odds For US Supreme Court Nominee

When we think of gambling and its associated “odds” we think of blackjack, slots, craps, pokies, roulette, sports betting, etc. Sometimes a few of us think out of the box and look at odds on certain events in history, such as the success of Apollo 11, but for the most part, we stick to the usual suspects. But every once in a while a significant event will come to the fore and the odds makers will decide to jump into the fray with their expertise. All of this of course is about making money, so do not fool yourself and think that gambling has all of the suddenly become concerned with the direction of the US its Supreme Court. With the recent retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, a sports betting firm from Australia has released odds on the top 10 contenders to replace Justice Kennedy.

Below are the odds from

Brett Kavanaugh (2.5:1)

Amul Thapar (3.6:1)

Amy Coney Barrett (4.0:1)

Raymond Kethledge (5.0:1)

Kevin Newsom (6.0:1)

Patrick Wyrick (8.0:1)

Britt Grant (8.0:1)

Thomas Hardiman (9.5:1)

Mike Lee (9.5:1)

William Pryor (10.0:1)

While to some degree I agree with these odds, I would have to put Amy Coney Barret at the top of the list. She obviously has the background and experience to fill Kennedy’s shoes and as a Clerk to Associate Justice Antonin Scalia she has worked for one of the most brilliant minds ever to sit on the bench. Her qualifications are not in doubt to follow the Constitution, although there are many sinister forces working against any Trump replacement.

The political climate in the US and the animus and hatred of President Trump has reached unprecedented levels. With the Russian investigation floundering and the recent revelations of political bias in the FBI investigations of Secretary Clinton and the Trump campaign, Democrats are looking for another way to cripple the Administration. What better way to take another shot at Trump then to “Bork” any person he nominates to the court.

As a practicing Catholic, Judge Amy Cony Barret has already stared down the stupidity of Diane Feinstein and her ignorance of the Establishment Clause of the US Constitution. Although this issue has already been “resolved”, Judge Barret and any other nominee will need all the help they can get. Unfortunately, there are two Republican Senators who could quash any nominee of Trump’s and they are Susa Collins and Lisa Murkowski.

Trump will need ever advantage to secure these Senator’s support and my belief is that a woman such as Judge Barret can convince these two to support her. It will be a lot more difficult for the biased press to vilify a woman although quite easy true Conservatives to support Judge Barret. This might seem sexist and hypocritical to suggest a woman has a better chance because she is a woman. But the Democrats have been pulling the woman, race, religious, etc. cards for so long, what’s good for the Goose is Good for the Gander. As this will be the most intense battle for a Supreme Court Nominee since Bork, the Republicans need to use every advantage they have in the arsenal.

These are just my personal views and opinions and in no way reflect the opinions and views of the website.


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