WTF, Mega Millions up to $970 million!

Ok, I’ll admit it, I did NOT think I would be writing a second article on the Mega Millions Jackpot in the US. My recent article of a week ago described a few facts about the Jackpot and the options for collecting the winnings. I thought that would be it and no more Jackpot articles for a while. Well my unlucky (or lucky) friend, no one won the recent Jackpot and it has swelled to over $970,000,000 which will be drawn on Friday, October 19 2018. I put in the zeroes to make it more dramatic……. did it work?

This is certainly a WTF moment, and with a lump sum option of $584,000,000, its somewhat “disturbing” to think that someone could grab that amount in one Jackpot or in one instance. People who sell their companies or work in business can reap that amount in a single transaction, but certainly a lot of blood, sweat and tears, goes into building the business. One could make a serious argument against the one lump sum and instead change it to yearly payments.

Who in their right minds could manage such a windfall? It’s a question that needs to be asked as the history of those wining large amounts is scattered with corpses of broken marriages, broken families, broken people and in some cases suicide. I’m in favor of the government staying of peoples’ personal business, but when its they who are contributing to the issues, then they need to take some responsibility.

So, the question is not what you would do with it, but what would you do after you win? Would you go into hiding? Move? Change your name? Tell certain people? Tell no one? Dump your wife or husband? Well, that wouldn’t work as they would get half anyway, although at least you wouldn’t have to deal with them anymore. We laugh about it and it is funny, but the reality would set in really quick and I believe problems would mount which you could have never imagined. I spoke about this in the previous article, so if you didn’t read it, take a look.

So, my friends, go out and buy a ticket or two and rub that rabbit’s foot for a bit of luck. But be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it! Good Luck!!


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