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Want to play the best real money slot games online?


Play and win real money slotsSo you’ve decided to take the plunge and join an online casino to play for real money. It all sounds great until you take into consideration the real facts you should know before spending a single penny! This section isn’t about those rogue casinos horror stories you hear about. These simple facts are mentioned here to help you understand how important the process should be to you.

Learn about what makes the online casino more protected for you and your money. Valuable tips that help you decide what kinds of bonus offers work in your favor.  The methods of payment which can make all the difference for you own privacy and ease. And since online gambling is quite a debated topic for US players, we also give you the best advice on where to gamble online legally and where the so-called ‘Grey Area’ starts and stops.

Betting online can be a very simple process, although if you’re a first-time player, these easy to follow tips will help guide you through the process easily enough.  Grow that money tree with all of your favorite real money play slots.  And don’t forget to checkout the Bitcoin slot options, as this virtual currency is taking the online casinos by storm.

What do online casinos offer before you sign-up to real money play?


Play Mobile Real Money Online SlotsWhen it comes right down to it, online casinos all have something to offer a first-time customer. Don’t just jump on the first casino that comes along with some offer that sounds great, find out what else they offer that is really worth your attention. We’re not talking about bonuses and promotions here, these facts are more pressing for the observant responsible gamer who wants their online casino to treat them fair. It sounds harsh though all the responsible online casinos that are in the business of slot games and gambling is also registered and certified. Any online casino will display their certification somewhere on the home page and also display the actual certifications within the terms and conditions page. These documents shouldn’t be hard to find, but if they are you might be thinking otherwise before you sign-up with one that doesn’t have them displayed. What about their gaming products and casino partners?

Trusted online casinos have reliable gaming product from software developers who supply their games to licensed online casinos. The bottom line is you can’t wager for real on those slot games if that online casino doesn’t have permission from them either. Check for local gaming commissions and associations that the online casino has membership with. Once again these commissions are in place to insure that safe and fair gaming practices are observed by those online casinos as well.

How do you make online casino payments?


Making a payment online should be as simple as 1-2-3, however the options behind this should have a lot of selection that makes your payment worthwhile. You’ll often see all the major credit cards that can be used to make a deposit. After that it’s a mix of debit cards, pre-paid cards, various banking methods (such as electronic transfer), and extensive alternate payment methods which don’t often require a bank account at all. If you don’t see a selection of options that don’t cover more than a dozen various methods, try looking for one that does.

The real secret to finding a great online casino is the free choice for selection for all possible payment options. Don’t be shy to think outside the box, many people like to wager online and keep their privacy outside their professional life too. It also insures for online players to keep a healthy wagering quota so those who like to stay on a set budget don’t spend more than they want before they start playing.  With most everything else on the Internet, online casinos accept most popular and legal payment methods such as Visa, MarsterCard, American Express, PayPal, Ukash, eCheck, and a bunch of others.

What types of sign up bonuses should I expect?


Every offer you receive from the online casino can be good for somebody, but certainly not everybody. Deciding whether you should take a sign-up bonus depends on what you really get from it. Take a good look at the terms and conditions that apply to a bonus before you sign-up. These rules tell you long before you spend any money what you get exactly from that bonus from the very start! Also look for special bonuses that apply which have the least amount of rules that apply to you. One such bonus is used when you select alternative payment. It’s not uncommon to receive as much as a 10% discount just for using that selected pay route.

Another can be a friend referral which works in your favor if you like to network through a large friend base. It’s not much bonus but for each friend it does kind-of make sense over long-term for bonus bumps.

But most bonuses which you receive for the online casino come in the form of matching deposits.  These will take place when you make your first, second and third deposits and will usually match them with a certain percentage.  100% is standard with your first deposit while the second and third one are usually smaller. Unfortunately you just cannot take the matching deposit and walk away, as they can only be used at the online casino.

Where can you gamble legally online?


If you live in the USA, odds are you hear a lot about the evils of online gaming. Thankfully there are some states in the US who observe the constitution correctly and allow legal online gaming. These select states include New Jersey, Delaware, and of course the original gambling state of Nevada with awesome Vegas. Over the rest of America, this is a major grey area for most people; since the internet does not limit what people want. In this case, the ˝World Wide Web˝ covers the globe and many who like online gaming are often discouraged due to state law that prohibits the act of altogether. As if local and state lotteries forgot that scratchers, lotto tickets, and Grandma’s Sunday bingo weren’t also considered ‘games of chance’…

Now until they begin to change laws over the rest of American soil, the problem remains a headache for those who feel it’s unfair to judge what one does with their own money. It is also curious to point out that there has never been a single court action against those who had been caught gaming online. Instead there is plenty of press about lawsuits against successful online casinos.


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