Las Vegas Coronavirus Update

Did Las Vegas jump the gun last month when it decided to reopen?

I do not believe we can answer that question right now, but what I can say is that if Vegas is guilty of jumping the gun, then so is the rest of the country. But since we are focusing on Gambling, lets see where Las Vegas is as of July 8, 2020 since its reopening as well the increase in Corona cases.

The past 4 months has been a disaster for the Sin City economy which includes everything from Casino/Hotels to the rental car agencies. With Hertz declaring bankruptcy 2 months ago it is easy to see the wide-ranging effects of the virus. Vegas, which like Hertz depends on vacationers and travelers, is not just one industry but a cornucopia of interdependent businesses benefitting from the Casinos. Without the Casinos, everything else comes to a complete stop.

In believing that the virus was starting to wane Vegas starting to slowly open its doors to the public. Unfortunately, in the past few weeks the cases of the Coronavirus have increased in the US, although the mortality rate has remained low. Regardless of trying to quantify the statistics, most people just hear that there is an increase in infections, and all goes to shit!

The result of the increase creates panic as well as questions about whether Las Vegas and the Casinos opened too early. Only time will tell if they jumped the proverbial gun, but the reality on the ground should keep us from making an ill-informed judgment. Vegas is in a watershed moment which will decide its fate in the long run. Its is not a stretch to say that if the status quo continues and Vegas remains at only partial capacity, this iconic city could find itself bankrupt.

Lets just hope that they made the right decision to reopen and that the future will continue to improve for this one in a million city. And in the mean time you always have the online casino options such as Fairgo Casino as well as many others. If you can’t beat them then join them!


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