The Future of Online Gambling Post Corona

Discussions abound concerning the “New Normal” for post Coronavirus. What once was normal in all aspects of society before the Virus has evolved and will be replaced by the post-Virus way of life. There is no part of society that has not been affected by this Black Swan, but the question remains of what will happen once the Virus is gone, and people are faced with a new world.

E-Commerce has been booming as access to goods and services is limited and those in need are using the Internet for most of these products. This is also true with those who enjoy their land-based casinos and have reverted to gambling online. The online experience is no where near what its like to go to a land-based casino, but in these unusual times many are giving online casinos a shot.

What Does the Future Hold for Online Gambling?

Does the current situation portend the future for the demand of Online Casinos and real money play? As we have mentioned in our other articles the situation in places such as Las Vegas have been devastating. Although the Casinos have finally started to open, questions have been raised on whether it was too soon or not. Regardless, the number of tourists is still greatly down from 2019 levels and could continue declining for quite some time or indefinitely.

Let us assume one of the worst-case scenarios which would be stagnant levels for the next 5 years. Because of the fear instilled by the Virus, gamblers decide to stay away from Vegas in record numbers and decide to stay at home. Will these gamblers then revert to online play to satisfy their gambling needs?

My answer is that I really do not know. Vegas is more than just a place to gamble with many of the visitors not interested in spending much time at the “tables”. With so many other activities in Vega gambling is just one part of the overall experience. But there are the hardcore gamblers who live for the land-based playing experience, especially the excitement. This is not something they can get playing online, although they might not have much choice.

Will Land-Based slot players embrace online play?

Unlike the table games, online slots are not that much different from the land-based games. As a matter of fact, there are more online slots encompassing a diverse range of gameplay online than at the casinos. Even at the land-based casinos, slot play is a solitary endeavor which is void of any personal interaction. No dealer, no pit boss, and no other players watching your every move. Other than being at the casino there is not much difference from the online experience. For those who have never tried online casino play there are plenty of options available in all countries.

With casinos operating at partial capacity and players staying away from all kinds of venues, the sudden increase in online slot play could be more permanent. Although the length of time is still up in the air, the resilience of this Virus could portend a future where most gambling is done online and those who play Craps, Blackjack, Roulette, etc., will be left wanting for another option.


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