Virtual Reality Slots

Way back when Samuel L. Jackson uttered the words in 1993: ˝Hold onto your butts˝-he meant that a total system reboot might cause something that’s gonna shake things up a bit. Fast forward to 2016 (and forget about that terrible ‘Jurassic World’ movie from last summer), we’ve entered a whole new reality with the Oculus headsets which takes us into virtual reality that quite literally boggles the imagination. Of all the VR games you might imagine, there’s one experience that some people have yet to try, and that’s certainly the VR Casino.

Are you ready to experience a real VR casino?

In 1983, a little movie called: ˝Brainstorm˝ with Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood took us on a trip into the future with a device that was very similar to the Oculus headset device. One scene in the film even featured going into a Las Vegas casino to experience the high life of gambling. That was just 30 something years ago, and those technologies have finally arrived with the recent Oculus products presenting two exciting choices of either the Gear VR or Oculus Rift models. Though there are many VR headsets out there, it’s no surprise that the Oculus system is indeed the preferred choice of VR gamers across the globe since their release this year in March. The concept for full 360° view within a virtual casino is bold and no doubt very different than the typical slot games we’ve seen before. Currently there are two versions of VR slot machines you’ll find online.

The first is RiftSino which is an app that can be purchased from the Oculus app store, containing a full virtual casino setting where you play any game you come across. Even play table games including blackjack or poker! There are still free demo versions you can download to your pc still floating out there, so at least cheat thrills are always a penny for your thoughts. These VR casino games do not use real money, but do provide a very real casino trip for those who are curious about how to play these games. The second version is still very new and includes real money VR slot machines! One online casino that broke ground on this market first in 2015, was Slots Million and currently offers over 50 slot machine titles you can play.

Any trusted developers we might know?

With time- there are always new slot game developers who are adding their names to the rather small list of VR slot casinos that are available. Two that are perhaps the most well-known and world class in online gaming safety and trust are pretty obvious to mention. NetEnt and Microgaming both are celebrated as being one of the best selections for online slot games to enjoy whenever wagering real money. The over-the-top selection of quality graphics and sound, moreover packing-in excellent 3D animations are what they’re known around the world for the best online casino entertainment you can have these days. Until the rest of the pack decides to jump on to this exciting VR train, at least there are those who are leading the path to futuristic fun right now.

 Is there much game selection?

Currently the selection is still growing, though technology is already there. As for the online game selection, it’s not just slot machines you’ll want to encounter. There’s poker, blackjack, roulette, and many more table games you would imagine inside a virtual reality casino. Keep in mind the experience itself (minus the smoke-filled casino halls and old lady perfume), this is what the VR Casino is designed to offer. Imagine the interaction of hanging-out at the main bar, or perhaps mingling with other patrons inside the VR casino itself. These are very possible thrills along with the feeling of sitting a VR slot machine sensing the wonder of a big win.

As with the land-based casinos, winning at one of these slots is sort of like a parade in your name with all the flashing lights and celebrations included. Now imagine how a game of craps might be within the intense heat of the game throwing the dice around a crowd of other VR casino guests to cheer you on! Sure the selection is slim right now, but what better opportunity to see it all develop into something even bigger! Slot titles that stand-out include incredible games like: Gonzo’s Quest, Thunderstruck II, Starburst, and even the film themed Rambo and Scarface video slots too

What do I need to start playing VR slots today?

You can already get a taste of the VR casino slots through a variety of options for mostly demo play only. All you really need is a handy VR goggle headset which most people have been able to obtain from various online sources. These can be the ones that are constructed from fancy plastic housings to the cardboard versions that were offered from Google not too long ago. There are many that even allow your smartphone to attach in the front to get the illusion of VR images using split image magic called stereoscopic 3D. These dual images combine into one- producing the VR experience on a budget. Though not as advanced as the Oculus headset, many of us can still get a similar look with impressive theatrical splendor. As mentioned before, the free demo CR casino from Oculus is still available for download if you do a simple search, and can be downloaded for Windows users. You can also find a great app at the iTunes store called: VR Casino –Slots and Blackjack for Cardboard

Check out some of of the iTunes “Virtual Reality” slots

This app is specially designed for those who have the smartphone viewers and want to have some free casino slots or table games that give the VR experience.


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