What are online 3D slots?

For those new to online gambling, more specifically slots and pokies, you will or eventually come across promotions for 3D slots/pokies. When most us think about something 3 dimensional in the entertainment industry, we usually ponder the traditional 3D glasses and sitting in a movie theatre or in front of a large TV with inanimate objects jumping out of the screen and scaring the bejesus out of us.

If this is what you’re expecting, then you will be highly disappointed, as up until now, there is no 3D experience as such for online slots. Not to say that it won’t happen in the future, but for now, you are stuck with the status quo.

So, what specifically are online 3D online slots?

3D online slots, in laymen’s terms, are slot games which are similar to graphically enhanced animated video games. Think of “Call of Duty” or “Grand Theft Auto”, without the violence and wild cast of characters. In some of the bonus rounds there is player input needed, but for the most part there isn’t too much player interaction. With that aside, the 3D slots are a huge improvement on the original online 3 reeled slots which were basically the traditional one-armed bandit types from the land-based casinos.

Although not true 3D, online “3D” slots do offer some advantages over there traditional online slots. With online 3D video slots, you have everything from bonus rounds, free spins, multipliers, wilds and many other features. Also, with 3D slots, many of the Bonus Rounds are “second screen” features which means that you are taken away from the base game and sent to another screen/game. In this mode, there are many ways to win real money or just play for free and enjoy the action. Either way, you will be tasked with picking symbols, spinning wheels and all sorts of interaction.

What else do 3D online slots offer?

If you’re looking for one of your favorite action movies to come to an online slot game, then 3D slot games are where you’ll find them. Online 3D slots are well positioned to provide not only the movie theme, but action-packed bonus rounds, features and other options. The designers of these slots can take artistic license to create a game resembling the storyline of the movie. BetSoft, NetEnt and Microgaming are just a few of the software developers that can create exciting and original experiences.

What is the future for 3D slots?

With certain technology progressing to more VR (Virtual Reality) experiences, this could certainly be the next leap for 3D Slots or VR Slots. It would certainly be a natural progression although one with a few pitfalls. One obstacle would be the popularity of mobile friendly (smartphones, tablets) online slots and on-the-go play. The mobile slot industry is creating a new slot format and leaving Laptops and Pcs in the dust.

Another concern is the cost of the technology. VR is an expensive technology which currently is only coupled with certain types of games and software. Although it would be great to have VR online slots, at the moment it doesn’t seem as though the demand and price point are there. Once you make a game cost prohibitive, then you will lose players along with revenue.

The online casinos are only in business to make money and if a certain technology does not add to their bottom line, then its something they will not adopt. But if the demand is there, then they will do their best to figure out how to make it work. Remember, the 3-reel classic online slots are still very popular, so don’t throw them into the trash heap of history just yet.


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