Delaware is among one of the oldest of the US States to be established with their origins dating back to 1638. They were the first to ratify the US Constitution in 1787, and serves as the First State ever established in America. Most folks perhaps know that Delaware also introduced their first race track in 1760 and thus began a rich history in horse racing. Even though gambling in Delaware was largely prohibited for various reasons, by the Great Depression it became regulated by the State. Here you will find out how Delaware serves a being a model for legal gambling and continues to strive for the rights of online gaming. The first in a small but growing number of US States to stand-up for these issues, read further to find out what Delaware can do for you.

How did gambling begin in Delaware?

Since the early days when Delaware was still just a colony, the Governing British were quick to argue that they were not receiving their fair share of profits from Horse racing and lottery-type games. Because of the puritanical views in Delaware for nearly 200 years, gambling was largely prohibited and considered an underground activity. It was due to economic times in 1933 that the tide began to turn, and a commission was set-up to allow certain forms of gambling which included the past-time favorite of horse racing. By 1991, Delaware was one of four States that was excluded from a Federal ban on bets made for professional sports.

Further exclusions limited these bets only to NFL teams in 2009, but still allowed lottery and bingo games. In a revolutionary move in 2012, Delaware became the first to allow online gaming for the State of Delaware. This included online poker and as a result, Delaware has an exclusive deal signed in 2014, with the Nevada Gaming Commission which allows the sharing of online poker gaming freely between these two States. And though many US States are seemly further from allowing legal gambling in neighboring States, those who go to Delaware enjoy the right wager both online and in land based casinos.

What defines Delaware gambling?

Among the different forms of gambling that you’ll find legal in Delaware, they do cover a broad range for those looking for some variety. There is obviously horse racing and sport betting that has been mentioned. In the shadow of major gaming activity you can easily find lottery and bingo too. Oddly enough, more intra-state games such a PowerBall can be played all across the Eastern States as well. When it comes to casino games, slot machines and table games and poker are all perfectly legal. A special department was created in 2009 to regulate this and is known as the: Division of Business and Professional Regulation. This department insures safe and fair gaming however there are really just three major casinos that are under this watch.

With the success of live dealer poker, this easily bled-over to include online poker. You can find these online poker games and tournaments found within the popular 888 Poker platform and shares all their online poker rooms with those found in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. Live Poker has been around in Delaware since 2004, but was only legal for charity purposes before the 2009 gaming law change. In short even the original Delaware law doesn’t exactly define gambling as being an offense outside the written law. But thanks to a healthy dose of liberal control, Delaware has shown their right to enjoy games of chance as they please.

What kinds of online casinos are in Delaware?

There are in fact 3 casinos that control the online casino industry currently in Delaware. These three are run by three major racetracks known as: Harrington Raceway, Dover Downs, and Delaware Park. Each of these offers their own brand of games you can play which are totally legal for Delaware residents. Harrington Raceway and casino has an online casino which includes poker, slot games, and mobile slot games. Dover Downs offers a somewhat smaller selection of online games that include poker, roulette, slot games, and mobile games too. As for Delaware Park has a great selection of slot games, table games, promotions, and plenty of mobile games. One interesting aspect of the online gaming law in Delaware is that they do not exclude any online casinos that can be found online for those who visit Delaware. The original law didn’t prohibit online casinos before that, so luckily the fact is that anyone who enjoys the freedom of online slots will not be bothered beyond that point.

How do Delaware casinos compare to Las Vegas?

The fact is that Delaware is nothing compared to Las Vegas. What most poker rooms in Vegas earn per day is what the combined poker rooms on Delaware make in a week. Then again consider that Vegas is a highly successful tourist destination that works on many levels, whereas Delaware is a nice little wonder most people never think of when land based casinos are brought-up. Although consider the brightest point to this argument when looking at a visit to any of the 3 major casinos in Delaware. The crowds are much smaller and more attention is spent toward the customers as a result. Delaware Park is considered the best casino to go at night. If you’re a winner there, they let you know with all the bells and whistles included. For those who like to avoid smoke-filled casino floors, this is also the perfect spot to visit.


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