Olympic slots games

Brief history of the Olympics

As ancient history gives us an idea what the Olympics were all about, there was a lot of questions included as to what was considered an official Olympic game. Although these games roughly began as early as 776 BC, sometimes war and conflict would prevent the games from being considered an official event. It wasn’t until a revival that happened in the summer of 1896 in France that the Olympic Games returned. Amazingly with only 110 years that have passed since the newly revived Olympics, American athletes continue to win the top medals for their achievements. Back in 1896, an American college student named James Connolly won the first race! Today, more than ever- the American teams win more medals and break more records than any contributing country that attends this historical event. To be exact there are over 2760 medals won by athletes from the USA!

The Olympics in Rio: 2016

This year the summer Olympics kicked-off in one of the most unlikely places you might ever expect to see them held. Amid scandal after scandal, government officials in Rio assured the Olympic committee they would be ready (and up to code) for the games to start on time. Much of the press has focused on negative incidents which nearly ruin the competition for athletes who come from all over the world to compete. Modern social media has given these Olympic Games a darker shadow with major claims of sexism among the athletes. And even though Michael Phelps has brought more gold medals home among the top winners, this year marks his retirement to Olympic competition which paves the way for newer stars to shine. And though this years summer Olympics are nearly over, these new records will become part of history for centuries to come. And you can still go back in time to witness these great feats through watching collected visual media of all the highlights. Now that these games are almost over, there is one kind of competition that you might enjoy which doesn’t require strict training or much skill. Here at you can be part of the winning team no matter what, and the best part is there is no pressure to register in order to play for fun!


What do slots and the Olympics have in common?

You might be surprised to know that competition comes in all forms, and they actually have special Olympic-size events dedicated to slot games. These are called tournaments and can include a variety of themes or games which involve a large group who aren’t always seasoned trainers. Even if you’re a novice, the good part about slot games these days is that any experience (or training) can be done for free thanks to the top slot developers who supply hundreds of these online games. You get as much experience as you like with an added bump of sheer fun included. Unlike real land-based casinos which make you pay just to play the same titles. The longer you play for free gives you an added advantage of finding the best wagering solution that produces the best long-term pay-outs. And just like the Olympics, many people from all over the world come together to play. This is especially common for the progressive slot titles.

These unique games are connected and linked to each other so global players continually see a jackpot reach astounding levels within days if not hours. Looking to win big from these kinds of progressive riches, nothing is impossible besides a bit of luck. And luckily for you the chance to win is only possible when you bet with real money, so playing the demo game just doesn’t feel right if you happen to win a jackpot and it’s only fun credit… Every game can have a winner and loser but more often the winners are those who stay in the game for the long haul. This means keeping a steady pace with a budget that doesn’t run dry in a matter of minutes. Imagine running a 20k race with the intent to win using a 5k racing tempo, it simply doesn’t work well for long term play. To stay in these Olympic-like slot sessions you’ll need to be ready to be more than patient in order to see the best winning results.

Great picks that keep you in top shape to compete!

Some people train all year long to compete in the Olympics, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting in on the action of non-stop slot free demo games that are perfect to play no matter what the occasion. And what better way to keep sharp with betting strategies and managing your balance of either fun credits or perhaps real bet money that’s played! Any self-respected online gamer will tell you that keeping familiar with a game gives you the upper hand especially when real wagers are concerned. So when the time comes to dive deep into actual gaming, you already know what to expect in long-term returns. This way you’re already a champion onto the road to golden riches!