New slot game developers are constantly trying to do something different unless perhaps you happen to be like the crazy folks at MrSlotty… They used to be relatively unknown less than a year ago, but what they offer is now getting noticed pretty darn fast! Luckily for this Lithuanian-based company, they put a lot of their effort into fun slot games that can be played directly without an app needed.  Nearly all of their mobile games run from a platform for all touch screen devices out there. Using HTML5 software, any game loads instantly and luckily for free! If you’re still one of those who likes playing at home (or at the office), MrSlotty games work the same with a mouse likewise.

To be honest, the graphics and sound aren’t bad either, which is no surprise to why they have become popular in such a short time. Another reason is the instant look and feel of what makes any online slot machine feel real to play. While they have a familiar Las Vegas theme look about them, they keep it fresh with a great playing skin and social media topic and memes which aren’t seen so often in slot games from Facebook. There’s very little to navigate once you start to play, since the skins all keep to an easy set-up format. Just select the number of lines and a fun chip amount- then start spinning.

Looking for a decent game selection?

So far it’s amazing how fast these guys are expanding their game library. Every couple months or so they add a new game that’s filled with brilliant color and individual style! In their collection so far they have 30 in all that are all playable for free to play anytime you like. The animations are getting better and win celebrations are somewhat similar to Aristocrat slots. These are bare bone slot games with very nicely designed graphics. Perhaps in time they’ll add some extras to these games, expanding them more as they go. Then again, what works for Aristocrat and Ainsworth slot games can’t be all that wrong either.

Some of the more popular themes include the ever popular Treasures of Egypt, and Zeus the Thunderer I & II. There are Dragons, Mermaids, Animals, and holiday themes too. If you like the old fashioned fruit slot look, they’ve got some of those thrown in for good measure likewise. What stands out are the social media troll-like face slot games such as No More Fruits, Troll Faces, Emoji Slot, and PandaMEME which really stand-out like a sore thumb at first. Much like any weird social media meme topic, it’s funny how playing them warms-up the thought of something funny you had seen before. The selection is quite rounded which is what makes MrSlotty so original for content. Just find the game you like and play instantly!

Want to play mrSlotty with real money?

Now there is a very good question you might ask yourself. If these games are for free, then how does one wager for real? Well, they’re still integrating into the online industry at the moment- so in a nutshell, no. You cannot use real money to wager anything with mrSlotty games. However they have dedicated apps for Google Play and recently signed a lucrative business deal with Bet Construct to be part of the online gaming community of slot games next spring. As with many Google Play apps, once you download the app for mobile you are given 1000 free fun credits. Additional credits can be purchased for a nominal fee (like so many other gaming apps available), and with their prices charged currently it’s worth it!

If you own any iOS phone like iPhone or iPad you can still get in on the action with MrSlotty game apps if you have already downloaded an Android app converter such as iSkysoft which uses an open source command-line utility tool developed by Google to convert apps back and forth from Android to iOS and vice-versa. If you have a favorite already, then use that converter too. Now what you can win from the games is still based on fun credits, so it’s really for the whole sensational fun of playing an online slot simulator. Perhaps by next spring you’ll be ready to wager real money once their games are set up for that.

What to expect from MrSlotty games?

They don’t have extensive bonus games, not yet at least. Right now there are free spin games that can be won and base game prizes. Straight forward as they get. They might expand their current games further to appeal more to the online gaming community, so consider that MrSlotty is still at the ground level of greatness. And like many of the new slot games and apps that we review here at, there are so many that are thrown to the side. If you’re into new slot games that have something different, we’re sure that MrSlotty will be the perfect answer. Come try them for free today with no commitment or registration required.