Egyptian Slot Games

A timeless tradition

Those crafty Egyptians were a lucky bunch who enjoyed ruling the sands since 2649 B.C. all the way until 30 B.C.! With more than 2600 years of experience, it’s funny that most of the more glamorized period was portrayed in the final 200 years before Rome took over. The ancient Egyptians continue to inspire and amaze historians, writers, and (of course) film makers who love a story that never seems to get old despite they lived quite differently than we do today. Go figure that Egyptian themed slot games present the timeless fantasy of extreme wealth and power over hundreds of thousands of slaves and servants. The history of Egyptian slots however is not as lengthy as this empire used to be, though many of these game themes are readily found and remain extremely popular for obvious reasons.

Play Egyptian slots anytime for free

While we’ve got a lot of cool slot games to play for free, our online slot fans keep asking for more and more of those Egyptian slot titles. Currently there are more than a dozen titles with more being selected to add. Keep checking back for the latest releases, or classic cabinet style land-based versions that dominated the casino floors for decades. And luckily they’re all free to play. They all sport the newest HTML5 programs that allow conventional pc systems to run without a flash download required. Speaking of downloads, you won’t find a single download game here either so all that’s needed is to play is a click away. No registration needed and no deposit ever demanded. Each Egyptian slot game offers something different, so the scope of exciting adventures never ceases to amaze any player that is searching for variety. Everything from lost treasure of the pyramids to sexy Egyptian Queens waiting to spin wild are all within your grasp. What better way to find out how these games work then to play for fun and see what rewards can come your way.

Lost civilizations, very real riches!

It’s true that the Egyptian empire yielded some mighty treasure finds for those who were continuous treasure hunters that never gave up in discovering to find the Motherload! The same can be said for Egyptian theme slots except these mighty rewards are already available depending on some simple mathematics. First of all, to win anything real you’ve got to wager real money to win any of the prize winnings. No more than a simple sign-up offer is all it takes to get started- with some basic registration with your deposit, and those prize riches become a very possible reality when you get spinning wins for real.

That part about never giving up also applies since you configure your game settings and budget to best set the potential returns that can happen upon any luck spin! If you’ve been tired of seeing big wins happen in the demo games and always thought about winning those kinds of riches for real, Egyptian slots bring real life treasure hunting that much closer to reality than ever before. It took Howard Carter 15 years to discover King Tut’s Tomb, though the odds of winning anything major most likely would never take nearly that long. Big winners who regularly play Egyptian slots win on average something big every week. Then again random programming for all slot games insures that a win could happen from any spin played, it’s only those who wagered for real that take home the biggest rewards ultimately.

Best Egyptian slot picks worth playing

What can you expect from for the hottest Egyptian slot titles around? Our top 5 picks you might want to check out are among the most popular among online players these days. An old favorite is most certainly ˝Book of Ra˝ which became a legend among slot machine players more than a decade ago, and features the best free spin bonuses you can collect. ˝Rome and Egypt˝ is a mash-up slot that features Cleopatra and Mark Anthony with also allows a double wild effect for bigger wins too. Looking to get wrapped up in a bigger mystery? ˝The Mummy˝ slot is based directly from the smash-hit film with the star: ˝Brendan Fraser˝! They even throw-in Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson who also plays the Scorpion King in there as well. You’ll also find plenty of surprises waiting for you in both ˝Queen of Riches˝ and ˝Pharaoh’s Ring˝ which offer sensational graphics and also top pay-outs for every prize awarded. In all- there are more than a dozen Egyptian slot titles you’ll find here to choose from. There are even some (not listed) that aren’t 100% Egypt-themed which also cover the Roman Empire/Egypt feeling, but we’ll leave those for another theme page to mention later. Until then- enjoy the wealth and golden finds of Egyptian slots for you to play for fun and real bets.


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