Is Dog Racing permanently in the Doghouse for Gamblers?

Once as popular as Horse Racing, Dog Racing or the “Greyhounds” is a part of the gambling culture as well as a form of entertainment. But with Animal Rights activists clamping down on anything they see as “inhumane”, most of the Tracks in the US have closed. Good for the dogs but bad for gamblers and people employed.

At the current numbers there are only 4 legal dog tracks in the US, 2 of which are all in the State of West Virginia. I say “legal” because of the so many illegal dog fighting venues there is probably some form of illegal dog racing going on as well. Being banned in 41 of the 50 States, there is no appetite for most people to go to the track and bet or even watching it on TV.

This begs the question why a US Congressman from California would try to pass a federal law that would ban all Greyhounds in the US. Representative Cardenas is trying to pass House Resolution 7826 know as the Greyhound Protection Act.

While many see Congressman Cardenas’s attempt at a Federal Law as honorable, many feel that the federal government in this case is overstepping its bounds. The US Constitution severely restricts the authority of the government to only a few issues and politicians should not be inserting themselves into a State issue. The States seem to be handling the issue well and it should be up to the people of each State to decide and not the US Government.

In the words of Congressman David McKinley:

“The state should hold the authority to decide if Greyhound Racing should continue………This really isn’t a Federal issue. In recent years there has been a vigorous debate in the West Virginia Legislature about the future of greyhound racing. Given the potential impact on West Virginia jobs and our local economy, that is the appropriate venue for this discussion.”

Not exactly a frontpage headline story, its still something gamblers should follow as it could set a precedent for other forms of entertainment/gambling such as Horse Racing.


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