NFL Extorted by Players

Not exactly Casino news, although NFL betting has been down at Vegas casinos, I felt the need to address this subject. The NFL has decided to donate $89 millionĀ  over 7 years to alleviate “social injustices” that have occurred in the past years, more specifically police brutality, and will go to organizations such as the United Negro College Fund and Dream Corps. All of this comes on the heels of NFL players who continue to kneel during the National Anthem. Most of the money will come from Breast Cancer Awareness and Salute to Service, a Veterans organization. The NFL lost any credibility it had when it let Colin Kaepernick and other players kneel (protest) during the National Anthem. Since then, the players saw a weakness in the NFL and exploited it. See what happens when you decide to protest while at work and see if the company bargains with you, or fires your ass. Protest on your own time, not while being paid millions to do something you love. Fortunately the fans are protesting with their wallets, and tickets sales and betting has seen a significant decline since these protests started.