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North Jersey (USA) Casino plans thrown in the scrap heap

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What exactly are online slot games?whats up with online slots and give me some info.

For those of you who have never had the chance to play online slots but have played land-based slots, you will easily be able to understand the online slot concept. With the introduction of the Internet, online casinos have been introducing casino games such as Poker, Blackjack, Roullette and of course Slots online. Since the slot machines at land based casinos are one of the biggest draws, it is no wonder the popularity of these online slot games has been on the rise since their introduction.

Instead of sitting down in front of a slot machine, online slots give the player the opportunitt to sit in front or of his PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone. The rules, regulations and how you play the slot game are pretty much the same as their land-based cousins with the main exception that online video slots can provide an almost computer game expeieince as you would find on something such as a Playstation.

Are there benefits to playing slots online?

benefits of play free slots onlineProbably the biggest benefit to play slots online is that you can play for free. I doubt there is any casino in the world where you can walk up to a slot machine and start playing for free. There might be some free spins in the bonus game, but without exception, you always need to put a coin into the one-armed bandit to enjoy its play.

As a free online slot player, you have the advantage of trying out any game you desire whether its, new, old, classic, 3-reeled, 5-reeled etc. The benefit of free slot play is that before you buck up and cash you can checkout each slot and decide which ones you are ready to be for real money.

Ease of play is another benefit to playing slots online. Instead of dragging your ass to a distant or local casino, you can grab any computer device (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.) and start playing free. No download, no registration and no deposit make this a great way to enjoy your favorite slot!

Is there a difference between free play and real money online slots?

The short answer as to whether there is a difference is No! Whether its free spins, scatter symbol, free games, bonus games and more, are all avaialble on free and real money slots. Both free and real money slots offer players all the advantages in either mode but for the exception of progressive and non-progressive jackpots.  This feature is only available when playing for real money. 

Can I play from anywhere in the world?play slots from anywhere in the world

Unfortuantely just as with land-based casino, online casinos are regulated by the region, State or Country where you are playing. For example, the access to online casino games is much different in China than it might be in United States.  The differences can be the types of games you play, which developers are available, can you play for real money and access to an online casino. So wherever you are playing from, be sure to check the laws and regulation pertaining to online casino/slot play.

How do I register for real money play?

To register for real money play with one of our partner casinos, all that is needed is your favorite payment method and a bit of information. There is a limited amount of personal information that is needed, although you need an authorized payment method.  These can range from a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Ukash, eCheck and various other options.  Be sure to check with the online casino before yo get started.  Our casino links will take you directly to the registration page.

Are online slots games safe to play?

Yes, they are very safe as our partner casinos have been vetted by us and have a long history of providing safety and security for their players. All of your personal and financial is kept secure, and just like purchasing a product online, which we all have done, the casinos take every precaution in  keeping your information private.

How much can I bet playing real money slots?

mega moolah progressive jackpot for real money playAll real money slots online offer a wide range of betting limits. As with the slots at land-based casinos, you can bet very little or a lot! There are of course high limit slots both online and the land casinos.

How big are the real money progressive jackpots?  

In June of 2016 the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot reach $10 million, when some very lucky slot player won the whole jackpot. Obviously not all jackpots get to this level, but they are sometimes high enough for life changing wins.

Is Virtual Reality (VR) expanding into online slot games?

Yes, VR is currently part of the online slot industry, although its still in its infancy. Click on the VR link to get more up to date information of the continually growing technology for all games