Circa Hotel and Casino will soon be ready for Action in Vegas



(often preceding a date) approximately.

“the church was built circa 1860”

The newest Hotel and Casino to “soon” open in Vegas seems to be appropriately named. The Circa Hotel and Casino has stated that they will open in October of 2020. With the uncertainty of the Coronavirus and Las Vegas seeing and increase in infections, the claimed date could just be an “approximation.” Approximation or not there are plenty of other mediums for getting your gambling fix. For those who can’t get by without their daily dose of action, there are plenty of online gambling opportunities for those individuals.

Aside from the curious name, I could not think of a worse time to open a Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas or anywhere in the world for that matter. Yes, Vegas is open for business, but the impact of the virus will be deep and long lasting. After the time and money spent on this project it will be increasingly difficult for any casino, especially an unproven one, to cover their costs.

The Casino will have the largest sport book in Vegas and will provide those who drive to the Casino a 9-story parking garage. With a two-level casino, five restaurants, and 777 rooms, Circa will have a difficult time reaching a profitable occupancy rate for the Hotel as well as patrons at the Casino and Restaurants.

We of course wish Circa nothing but success and look forward to spending some time at the Greg and Derek Stevens owned destination. Best of Luck gentleman and we hope you knock it out of the park!